E3IS Free!
Open Source

Enterprise info system software
For small and micro enterprises

Efficient Reliable
Easily Economize

Cross platform multi terminal
Computers, mobile phones and tablets can be easily accessed

Cloud Real-time
Instant Unlimited

Meet the multi branch business environment
office business processing is more convenient and maintenance easier

Custom Productivity
Modular Extension

More powerful functions, More abundant choices
Quick customization and secondary development for you

Security Share
Low requirements

E3IS server has low requirements for hardware
The user terminal is only a browser


E3 Series Software

Why choose E3IS?

Cloud Real-time

Based on cloud computing and web technology, the module runs independently, and can be selected on demand. No special client is required for use. It is easy to operate and convenient to use.

Efficiency Platform

Centralized enterprise information, cross regional, remote and secure access to branches, more convenient office business processing and easier maintenance

Security Share

Open source, free authorization, advanced network technology, safe and reliable, rich and fast interface deployment, multi-function and easy expansion, customized development


E3IS configuration requirements

E3 series products based on Web platform are inherently networked applications, and realize real-time processing of information with database. The system has low requirements for hardware and server software

E3 system platform configuration

Web server and application platform are installed. PHP efficient engine cooperates with MySQL database to build a reliable system foundation.

E3 system installation and setup

You only needs to decompress the file to the main directory of the web server. Of course, there are also security settings, including server hardware and software security, network firewall, remote access, authentication login, etc


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