A large-scale website built for a certain industry, including news, products, enterprises, videos, knowledge, members, etc

Industry portal Website

Industry portal generally refers to a large-scale website built for an industry, including the supply chain of production, supply and sales in this industry, as well as the integration platform of enterprises, products, business opportunities and consulting information in the surrounding industries.

The new industry portal, also known as "vertical industry portal", is relative to the traditional comprehensive portal such as "Sina", "Netease", etc. If Sina, Netease, Sohu and other comprehensive portals are people's daily and Guangming Daily, then the industry portal is China Securities Journal, which is not so large and comprehensive, but is specialized and precise, making it become the authority and expert in the industry, and finally grasp the discourse power of the industry. This kind of portal is aimed at those audiences (individuals or enterprises) who are concerned about or engaged in an industry field, and provides them with services in that industry field. The service type can be free or charged. The ultimate goal is to achieve a good customer experience and increase customer viscosity in the industry portal.

The industry portal provides the entrance for the industry information and e-commerce exchange, through which the netizens can get a system of information of the industry.

In the current Internet business and existing models, the industry portal website can be divided into business and non business. Business websites generally develop business through marketing and marketing means, and provide Internet and e-commerce services for users participating in the portal. The non operational industry portal mainly provides consultation and retrieval, but there is no specific non operational difference. It just takes the website as a window and does not develop mainstream business.

The characteristic of vertical website is single. They don't want to be big and complete. They only do things that they are familiar with. They are the authorities and experts of their respective industries. The way they attract customers is to be more professional, authoritative and wonderful. They also advertise themselves, but they know the industry too well. Just blow up the dust and let customers know: the website has opened new columns and pushed new products

And the customers of vertical websites are not ordinary customers. They are basically consumers of the industry. The purchasing power of each customer representative is many times higher than the average level of comprehensive website customers. So vertical websites often get more advertisements with less visits than comprehensive websites.

If e-commerce is added, vertical websites can attract, stimulate and drive customers' consumption with authoritative and professional content. Because he knows where his customers are, what they need and what they worry about. This will provide customers with a one-stop service mode - to guide customers to consume their own goods with their own content. With expert guidance, e-commerce of vertical portal is convenient and wise enough to attract more and more consumers.

Less investment, more advertising revenue and the influence of industry authority have formed a positive spiral effect. If combined with specialized e-commerce, vertical portal will have a bright future.

Industry website features

1. High frequency and quantity of content update

Industry portal website covers a large amount of information, which needs to continuously provide real-time content. As the media in the Internet, the content of the website will also be updated with the changes of industry content.

2. Information exclusive

The content that industry portal attracts users is usually the exclusive report with the professionalism and timeliness of news information, which is totally different from the common portal website relying on the content reprinted from other places.

3. Various sources of information

There are many kinds of information sources of comprehensive industry websites, including news content of the industry, articles published in the industry, reprint of other media reports, etc.

4. Interactive content

The network can realize the real-time interaction of users and mobilize their enthusiasm for participation. Through the interactive form of online survey, users' needs can be better understood. Through BBS, community, blog, etc., users can give feedback, provide industry information, and have a sense of amiability and identity.

We provide solutions for industry portals

We not only consider the industry website from the technical point of view, but also stand in the industry point of view, analyze the needs of customers, provide content suitable for their own characteristics, and create the industry website with characteristics through the application of different modules.

Our E3. Net industry portal system includes common news, product, enterprise, video, knowledge, membership and other modules, as well as order and payment online transaction modules.

In addition to these basic modules, we customized appropriate website data structure and operation system according to the characteristics of websites in different industries to ensure that our own characteristics are highlighted.